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Green Business

Smell the Bread Cafe Mission Statement
To inspire healthy compassionate lifestyles by providing our customers with the freshest quality natural products produced in an ecologically responsible way.

Smell the Bread Cafe is leading the way in ecological responsibilities. We are committed to being protective of the enviroment and reducing our impact on the air, water and soils.
Waste Reduction
Reducing the amount of waste our kitchen produces by recycling whenever possible and investing in reusable products. All of the paper and plastic containers we use are made from eco friendly materials such as Sugar Cane, Post Consumer Fiber, PLA (Corn Plastic) and Plant Starch. We also have instituted a thorough recycling program for all products that can be reused.

Energy Conservation
With the rise in energy prices no one should be wasteful. We have outfitted our cafe with energy efficient equipment and teach our staff how to conserve by operating machines and appliances only when needed.

Water Conservation
We have taken steps to conserve this precious natural resource by limiting excessive water usage in our Cafe.

Green Cleaning
Hazardous chemical cleaners cause a variety of human health problems. Using green cleaning supplies reduce the harmful chemicals that enter our air, water and soils. Our cleaning supplies are made with natural materials like citrus, vinegar, salt or corn to reduce the harmful chemicals that pollute our earth. They are made without any animal bi-products and have never been tested on animals.

Making lasting changes requires a team effort. Our entire organization has committed to going green. We thoroughly train our staff and set positive examples of environmental stewardship.

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