This business is now closed. Our lease has come to term and we are retiring.
Our restaurant venture has spawned many new friendships and we are truly greatful.

We want to share a farewell poem penned by a couple
who we first met when we opend and supported us to the end.

Smell The Bread? Smell The Roses!

A restaurant's expected to be
A place for hospitality.
Hungry customers could come, in need,
And fulfill their basic urge to feed.
Many places' menus seem based
Not on healthfulness, but taste -
Lots of fat and sugar and salt
Pervade their dishes by default.
But Smell the Bread has proved that you
Can have great nutrition, and great taste, too!
You show "hospitality" doesn't mean
One needs a hospital after your cuisine!

Vegan's how you chose to go
(Though chicken sandwiches also show)
With luscious baked goods, vegan too,
Some gluten-free as well, you do.
(I'd be remiss to fail to cite
Wayne's baking skills, which are DYNAMITE!
For his contributions since you'd begun,
He deserves a grateful "Job Well Done!"
His retirement leaves our sweet teeth peeved,
But that just attests to what he has achieved.)

For a menu which basically comprises
Mostly sandwiches, there are surprises.
A unique ingredient? An unexpected taste?
No chance to excel has gone to waste!

For us vegans, Smell the Bread has been
A place to get a great lunch in;
Where "Is it vegan?" we need not pose,
And the whole menu merits being chose!
It's hard to find a restaurant where
Each item's crafted with such care.
Your vegan commitment's not just the food;
Your animals support shows your attitude.
And regular patrons of Smell the Bread
Found not just vendors, but friends instead.
So as into the sunset you guys ride
Our thanks and good wishes go alongside.
Good things oft come to an end;
On our good feelings, though, you can depend.

Mike & Linda